Welcome to Ishkoo's Infuse!  Infuse is an ePublication sent to your inbox each month that is focused on helping improve your business. Within each issue are at least four videos from local businesses or organizations that speak about their facet of expertise with a topic. 

Each ePublication has a distinct focus that ranges from "Office" to "Human Resources."  Sign up for one or for all of them.  The best part is that the publications are absolutely free.  There are no strings attached, no hidden fees and no risk.

"Our goal is to provide an infusion of

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Infuse is regionalized, allowing you to hear from local businesses and organizations and you can sign up for as many regions as you would like.  All of the regions have the same ePublications however, each has different business experts.


Available Business ePublications

All about people

All About People:

All About People is designed to help you improve Human Resource information.  Our experts are focused on helping improve your relationship with your people as well as keep you out of legal issues, if there is a problem.

making connections

Making Connections:

Making Connections focuses on Sales and Marketing.  These range from branding topics to advertising.  Learn from our experts on how to take your business to the next level.

finance and technology

Finance and Technology:

Finance and Technology contains two topics that are often related.  First, financial issues.  Our experts are focused on helping business to make and manage money.  Technology is ever changing and it is critical that businesses understand how to utilize it to their benefit.

Office environment

The Environment:

The Environment is all about the office and work space.  This ranges from the office building to work flow.  The focus of this ePublication is to help increase productivity by creating the right workspace.