What is Ishkoo?


Ishkoo is all about improving lives.  This could be from simple matters such as caring for a houseplant to much more complex issues such as health and nutrition.  Our professionals provide advice, answering common questions using video.  This allows you to watch anytime you would like, in the comfort of your home or office.  This gives you the freedom and the flexibility to watch and learn at your own pace. The best part is that it is free for you to watch.


Now I know what some of you are thinking, if it is free, then there is a catch involved somewhere.  Our members pay to be on Ishkoo because their goal is to be in front of people that can use their product or service to improve their lives.  Where most businesses tell you why you should buy from them, our members choose a different course.  They would rather provide you with advice and guidance, utilizing their expertise first.  They believe that by giving we can change the world around us.  Now, let's be clear, they hope, as I do, that as you watch their videos and utilize their advice that you would consider using their product or service as the need arises.  This is one of the reasons we use local professionals.

Most people, when they look for ways to improve their lives search the internet.  The internet is filled with both good advice and really bad advice.  The challenge is how do you know which you are looking at?  With some issues, such as money, state laws change each time you cross a border.  Some advice is good for a particular group of people but does not make sense for another.  This is the primary reason we choose local professionals.  They know the communities in which they serve.  They have a sincere interest in doing things right because their reputation is at stake.  Finally, it gives you a contact if you decide to do something about your situation.

To take part with Ishkoo, there is nothing you need to do but choose which area you live, shop and work.  You can come in anonymously.  However, we would suggest that you sign up for INFUSE.  INFUSE allows you to receive ePublications right in your inbox.  Within each ePublication, we offer at least four videos that speak to that topic all focused on helping you improve life.  The best news, it is free to sign up.   Many of our members provide coupons and specials that we pass on to those who sign up.  There is still no cost but we would like to let you know as new things are added to the website.  We do not provide your name or email address to anyone (even our members).  We hate spam as much as you do.  So join in and let's get started.